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The Ghost of the Cazador is out!!!


The Ghost of the Cazador is the first short story of my new series Dark Hunters that are based on the universe of the Living Sword Chronicles and specifically the period of the Lodge's Hunters.

The Rootless

He appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They were calling him, the Rootless, because he wasn't a member of the Tribe; a creature with no origins, a vague legend. He traveled alone, with no clear plan and a voice in his head that was always there, a remnant of a distant and forgotten past.

This story is set in the same universe as the Living Sword Chronicles.

from the Publisher,
The Rootless a very powerful novelette is the joining hoop in a chain that connects the Origins with its extremely complex sequel the Lodge & the Tribe, a book that is already at its final stages. It gives us a glimpse of character that will return in this next volume of the series and for many that have read it is essential in understanding  some rather dark spots in the Origins.

The Living Sword Chronicles is currently 2nd in Smashwords Epic Fantasy Bestseller list and at sixtieth spot overall.